:lang (scheme +chez) addition causes fresh installation of Doom Emacs to fail

What happened?

I created a fresh installation of doom emacs and then added (scheme +chez) to the lang section of my ~/.doom.d/init.el file. I then got the following message from doom doctor:

Loading data dump...

I believe it’s related to the following commit:

What did you expect to happen?

For doom doctor not to raise any errors.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Install Doom Emacs
  2. Add (scheme +chez) to lang section of ~/.doom.d/init.el
  3. doom sync
  4. doom doctor

System information

Loading data dump...

Created an issue because it works if I roll back past the commit I mentioned: (scheme +chez) :lang option fails on fresh installation · Issue #7594 · doomemacs/doomemacs · GitHub