Jsonrpc: events-buffer-scrollback-size deprecated

After upgrading Doom packages (last upgrade was 9 months ago), when I trigger jsonrpc (f.e. a Rust file triggers the LSP server), I see this warning:

■  Warning (emacs): ‘:events-buffer-scrollback-size’ deprecated. Use ‘events-buffer-config’.                                                                                                                     

My investigation led me to identify jsonrpc.el as culprit, seems that [this commit](Should be solved in commit: emacs.git - Emacs source repository) solves the issues.

Now I just should simply update the package. I’ve tried deleting any jsonrpc.{eln,elc} I have found and then upgrade the packages (doom upgrade). Now from M-x list-packages I see 2 versions installed:

jsonrpc                        1.0.23         dependency            JSON-RPC library
jsonrpc                        1.0.16         built-in              JSON-RPC library

Why do I have 2 versions? How do I know which one I am using

Any suggestion to help me understand?


What happened?

I am just confused on how to upgrade the jsonrpc package

System information

Loading data dump...

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