Journal key bindings in Calendar not available, and general journal question

key bindings in calendar

When I open the calendar using M-x calendar, the j key is bound to calendar-forward-week, which is a problem because j is the prefix for all the calendar-related journal commands.

I’ve attempted to figure out why this is, or what the equivalent SPC key would be, to no avail. I did find C-c C-j to open the current journal entry, but I don’t find other journal commands bound to C-c and other keys.

multiple journals

SPC X followed by j is the journal capture for Org, and SPC n j j is also for journal entries. Unfortunately, these entries go to different files ( and .../journal/yyyymmdd respectively).
Should I just choose one, or is there a way to use both? I prefer the .../journal/yyyymmdd or perhaps even .../journal/yyyymm with headings for days of the month, if that’s possible.

Really appreciate any help on these, directions to more suitable forums, or documentation. I do make an attempt to figure these things out, but haven’t discovered the secret sauce to solving my own problems yet.