Ivy fuzzy search not working for me

What happened?

In init.el i enabled the following:


The other completions are disabled except company. Doom sync/upgrade worked fine and Doom doctor shows no errors.

When i press SPC f f i get the ivy window but can only search in the current folder.

What did you expect to happen?

I would like to be able to fuzzy search the current folder including all subfolders (like with fzf for example). So that i can launch emacs and fuzzy search for a file anywhere in my home directory and open it.

How can i do that? Or is ivy +fuzzy not meant to do that?

Steps to reproduce

System information

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“+fuzzy” doesn’t mean recursive file searching is enabled by default, you can toggle it with counsel-file-jump-from-find (the “`” key).

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Thank you very much!

I would like to remap SPC f f to counsel-file-jump. But if i do the following in config.el, Emacs doesn’t accept the configuration and loads the default settings.

(map! :leader
      (prefix "f" :desc "search recursively" "f" #'counsel-file-jump))

What am i doing wrong?

Instead of prefix, it should be :prefix (a keyword).

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Silly me, thank you!

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