Ivy closes when other buffers update

What happened?

When I’m developing I use the emacs-daemon and two Clients/Instances on both of my Screens. On one screen I develop on the other I always have my Flutter Buffer where all the debug info & logs appear. The problem is this buffer is updating constantly and when i am changing Files or other functions using Ivy the Ivy-Minibuffer closes when the Flutter buffer updates so I have to run the Ivy command again in the hope the Flutter buffer won’t update

Thanks in advance :)

Steps to reproduce

  1. Open two clients of emacs
  2. On one open a constantly updating buffer
  3. On the other Ivy will close when the buffer updates

System information

[dump]> Executing ‘doom info’ with Emacs 28.1 at 2022-05-06 10:15:33 generated May 06, 2022 10:15:33 system “Arch Linux” Linux 5.17.5-arch1-1 x86_64 emacs 28.1 ~/.config/emacs.d/doom.emacs.d/ → ~/.config/emacs.d/doom.emacs.d/ doom 3.0.0-dev HEAD → master f51a2cdd3 2022-04-18 18:14:16 +0200 ~/private/dotfiles/doom/ → ~/private/dotfiles/doom/ shell /bin/zsh features ACL CAIRO DBUS FREETYPE GIF GLIB GMP GNUTLS GPM GSETTINGS HARFBUZZ JPEG JSON LCMS2 LIBOTF LIBSYSTEMD LIBXML2 M17N_FLT MODULES NOTIFY INOTIFY PDUMPER PNG RSVG SECCOMP SOUND THREADS TIFF TOOLKIT_SCROLL_BARS X11 XDBE XIM XPM GTK3 ZLIB traits batch envvar-file custom-file modules :completion company vertico :ui deft doom doom-dashboard doom-quit (emoji +unicode) hl-todo hydra ligatures modeline neotree ophints (popup +defaults) unicode vc-gutter vi-tilde-fringe workspaces zen :editor (evil +everywhere) file-templates fold snippets :emacs dired electric ibuffer undo vc :term vterm :checkers syntax (spell +flyspell) grammar :tools (eval +overlay) lookup lsp magit pass rgb tmux :os tty :lang (cc +lsp) common-lisp (dart +lsp +flutter) emacs-lisp (go +lsp) json (java +meghanada) javascript latex markdown (org +pomodoro) python sh (web + lsp) :email (mu4e +org +gmail) :app (rss +org) :config (default +bindings +smartparens) packages (fira-code-mode) (csv-mode) (org-clock-today) (org-auto-tangle) (centered-cursor-mode :recipe (:host github :repo andre-r/centered-cursor-mode.el)) [/dump]