Issue after emacs update with brew to emacs-plus 30

Updated emacs and now i get the following error

1. ((error "Can't make `%s' obsolete; did you forget a quote mark?" nil)

2. ((debugger-may-continue . t) (inhibit-redisplay) (inhibit-debugger . t)

3. (inhibit-changing-match-data)))

I create a pastebin with the first 5k lines of the full error log

What can I do to get emacs running again?

Ok at least downgrading to 29 fixed the issue.

Yes, “Emacs 30” is the current development version. Doom does not support unreleased versions, though of course patches and detailed bug reports are accepted from users who are deeply familiar with Emacs and know the issue will persist in the released version (i.e. not a bug to be fixed upstream).

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