Info menu item is gone?!

In vanilla emacs you can press C-h i m and search for helpful nodes.

This is the most important function - it should be on the first page of the fucking README

Where is it? Why was it taken away?

This is madness

SPC h i J

M-x where-is and M-x describe-key-briefly are useful tools

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Thank you, I wish I knew about SPC h i J sooner. It seems that on both Ubuntu and EndeavourOS emacs comes without info pages though:

user-error: Info file ‘org’ does not exist; consider installing it

Do you know by any chance if they should be installed by the system package manager or by doom?

They should be installed by Doom. What is the value of Info-directory-list?

Info-directory-list is:


I’ve truncated this list - you are right that entries included in this variable do work, for example SPC h i J and use-package does take you correctly to use-package’s Info page. But org-mode for example results in the above error. Is it expected for this list to be incomplete?

It should have an entry for org/. Can you try rm -rf ~/.config/emacs/.local/straight/repos/org && doom sync?