How to setup a dev environment for python and django with pylsp

please keep in mind that i’m very new to emacs and doom, and thank’s in advance.

so i just moved from neovim and loving it so far. but i’m having an issue configuring emacs to suit my workflow for python and django.

so what i wanna do is replicate the workflow i’ve used in vim which is:

configure pylsp with plugins pylsp-ruff and pylsp-mypy and then have isort and black handle formatting without lsp interference.

and i also want to configure mypy globally in my config to check if there’s a (venv, poetry or conda) env active and and use that env’s python executable

and bonus, if i could also get help setup a function to run django tests from emacs.

i know my question seems like a tall order, but i’m really loving emacs and doom and hope i could finally find a solution so that i’m able to stick with emacs.