How to not automatically start lsp for c-mode?

This is just a minor question, and I think it is answered without me posting any logs. If not, tell me and I will post them.

So, in some cross compilation projects in C which aren’t suitable for LSP I would like to use gtags-mode. Sadly gtags-mode interferes terribly with LSP. If I disconnect from the lsp server and disable lsp-mode I can start gtags-mode and all works fine. The problem is I need to do this every time I open a source file.

I have some other C projects which do work fine with LSP, so I don’t want to remove it completely for C. So how do I remove the lsp hook from c-mode? I tried this so far but the LSP server still starts when I open a C source file:

  (remove-hook! '(c-mode-local-vars-hook