How to move Flycheck's indicators (back) to the left gutter?

I want to have Flycheck’s indicators that show which lines contain problems to be more visible. Doom emacs moves them to the right by default; I’d like to have them at the left, right next to the line numbers, again (as this is what I and my pair-programming coworkers are used to from most other editors).

The configuration which moves Flycheck’s indicator to the right seems to be done here, in modules/ui/vc-gutter/config.el

My best effort

I tried adding the following to my .doom.d/config.el

;; I want Flycheck indicators to be at the left
(after! flycheck
  (when +vc-gutter-default-style
    ;; keep flycheck on the left fringe
    (setq flycheck-indication-mode 'left-fringe)
    ;; A non-descript, left-pointing arrow
    (define-fringe-bitmap 'flycheck-fringe-bitmap-double-arrow
      ] nil nil 'center)))

This almost works! However, when the same lines contain git changes, then the indicator overrides the indicator for the same line of magit.

An alternative was presented back in oct 2022 in this issue. This however no longer(?) works well, as it will create vertical spacing between the git indicator lines.

What would I like?

I hope to find an alternative where both indicators can be shown on the same line side by side.

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