How to manage the windows layout configuration in Doom?

What happened?

I want to handle the window and frame layout configuration in doom. Because the window layout configuration is not easy in Emacs.

I tried e2wm and purpose-mode.

  • e2wm is seemed to obsolete, and it didn’t work.
  • purpose-mode is work, but it works quite strangely.
    • I tested purpose-x-code1-setup in pre-defined for built-in layout such as IDE.
      • When I open a source code file. dired buffer opened in another window instead of dedicated window.
      • When I reopen a buffer in *Ibuffer* list, the buffer didn’t open in main area.
      • When I open a source code file in dired buffer, The buffer didn’t replace in main area. It is opened in background.
      • Sometimes, the *Ibuffer*, *Ilist* and dired buffer didn’t position in the dedicated window.

I don’t think this is purpose-mode issue. Is there a conflict with popup-rule of Doom?

What did you expect to happen?

It should work like spacemacs-purpose layer.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Install purpose-mode
  2. Open a java or a rust project.
  3. M-x purpose-x-code1-setup

System information

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