How to have LSP and clj-refactor in clojure-mode

What happened?

After adding +lsp flag to :lang clojure clj-refactor stopped initializing.

What did you expect to happen?

I would like to have clj-refactor along LSP functionality. At the moment i have to enable clj-refactor-mode by hand in every buffer before my settings for keybinds are usable.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Have :lsp in tools, and (clojure +lsp) in :langs
(after! clj-refactor
        (cljr-add-keybindings-with-modifier "C-M-S-s-")
  1. Have above in config.el
  2. Clj-refactor is not initialized.

From what i found, the responsible variable is in modules/lang/clojure/config.el

(defvar +clojure-load-clj-refactor-with-lsp nil
  "Whether or not to include clj-refactor along with clojure-lsp.")

But my various attempts to override it failed. Had success when modyfing this directly in place, but i would prefer not to fork this module.

System information

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