How to disable eldoc?

I’m trying to disable eldoc in packages.el. I’ve added the (!package ... :disable t) line, run doom sync and restarted emacs, but somehow eldoc is still enabled.

How do I kill this package?

Steps to reproduce

[evan@blackbox ~] grep eldoc .config/doom/packages.el 
(package! eldoc :disable t)
[evan@blackbox ~] .config/emacs/bin/doom sync
> Synchronizing "default" profile...
  > Installing packages...
    - No packages need to be installed
  > (Re)building packages...
    - No packages need rebuilding
  > Purging orphaned packages (for the emperor)...
    - Skipping builds
    - Skipping elpa packages
    - Skipping repos
    - Skipping regrafting
    - Skipping native bytecode
  > (Re)building profile in /home/evan/.config/emacs/.local/etc/@/...
    > Deleting old init files...
    > Generating 4 init files...
    > Byte-compiling ~/.config/emacs/.local/etc/@init.29.el...
    ✓ Built init.29.elc
  - Restart Emacs or use 'M-x doom/reload' for changes to take effect
✓ Finished in 1.83492s
[evan@blackbox ~] pgrep emacs

System information

Loading data dump...

I’ve found something that works in config.el

(require 'eldoc)
(global-eldoc-mode -1)

Still, annoying that some modes can be disable with (!package ... :disable t) and some can’t. Is there a way to get a list of installed doom packages?

I think the confusion might stem from what Doom Emacs defines a builtin-package i.e. a package from an external repository (MELPA, GNU, etc.) that is shipped with the Doom Emacs distribution and an Emacs built-in package i.e. packages that are “compiled” in Emacs itself (e.g. eglot, eldoc, etc.).

Emacs built-in packages (indicated as “built-in” when visiting M-x list-packages cannot be uninstalled (I guess one would need to recompile Emacs…).

Emacs Doom packages.el is used to handle packages that Doom ships. The documentation says:

;; If you'd like to disable a package included with Doom, you can do so here
;; with the `:disable' property:
;(package! builtin-package :disable t)

Not a Doom Emacs expert, so this is just my take

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