How to clear project cache with Doom Emacs?

What happened?

When add a project with path /Users/me/folerd1/myproject, it works well. Use SPC p d to delete the added project myproject under folder1 path, then add it under another path /Users/me/folder2/myproject. It can be shown as /Users/me/folder2/myproject in the SPC p p list. However, if select the new myproject in the new folder. It opened in the old folder folder1 again.

So it seems it’s using cache to fetch the same project name even under different path.

What did you expect to happen?

Even use the same name under different path, it can open the new project.

Steps to reproduce

  1. SPC p a to add project in folder 1
  2. SPC p d to delete the project in folder 1
  3. SPC p a to add project in folder 2

System information

Loading data dump...

Does the project actually start in the old directory? Or does the file picker show files from the old directory?

For the project file picker, prepend the universal argument (SPC u by default) to clear the cache.

For example:


Yes, this one. Maybe this way can resolve the problem:

SPC p i

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