How to change theme only for vterm buffers

Colors for vterm buffers only

I like doom-solarized-light theme all over the doom-emacs. But in vterm sometimes things are unreadable with light background. I found that doom-one theme fits for the vterm buffers perfectly. The only thing I cannot understand is how to apply colors from doom-one for the vterm only.

I have tried

  1. Setting vterm-color-* faces changed color of symbols in some CLI apps output but not the background.
  2. Setting solaire-default-face changed background in all non-file buffers not only vterm.
  3. Setting default face and disable solaire-mode changed the background everywhere.


How could I specify the colors only for vterm buffers leaving all the colors of the currently applied theme without disabling solaire-mode which I really like?

I suppose that some change in solaire-mode may be needed to accomplish this, but I cannot figure it out right now.

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