How to bind Shift key

Please help - How do you use Shift Key? I’m trying to bind S-C-c:

(map! :map test "S-C-c" #'clipboard-kill-ring-save)

pressing Shift+Ctrl+c is the same as just pressing Ctrl+c - it completely ignores Shift:


And why does it have to be so difficult to find such a basic basic thing. I can’t google/youtube any examples that would show how to bind shift+ctrl or tab+ctrl - I know that emacs is a different ecosystem, but those are such obvious things in any other text editors :(

UPDATE: Link below suggests that vim evil keybinding may be to blame - does anyone know how to override this not great behaviour? I mean Shift key is the third biggest on the keyboard and er#R@TRN#$UI…

I finally got it to work by following this guide: How to (re)bind keys

(map! "S-C-c" #'clipboard-kill-ring-save)

Update above was irrelevant. I really wish emacs didn’t display Shfit+Ctrl+X as C-x in the status bar - it was really misleading and I won’t be the last one making this mistake quite likely…

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