How do you search built-in manual?

How do you search through emacs manual?

For example try to find “19 Debugging” node.

Frankly, Emacs manual is useless…

  1. C-h RET or M-x info-emacs-manual to open the manual
  2. In the Info buffer: s or M-x Info-search to search through it

Node 19 is File Handling for me though.

thanks, the problems though is that:

user-error: Info file ‘org’ does not exist; consider installing it

I think by default doom ships without most of the info pages?

I can’t reproduce this. As far as I know, this might be related to the Emacs package of your OS, and is not related to Doom. Some distributions/OSes ship the info pages, and some don’t. You might find additional packages for your OS/disribution which include the info pages. It might also be related to an incorrectly set INFOPATH.

You may be right, on my system INFOPATH isn’t set. echo $INFOPATH doesn’t return anything. I didn’t know that you need to configure it. Could you please let me know where do you usually set it? Is it in your .bashrc/.zshrc?

I’ve had this problem on both Ubuntu and EndeavourOS though…

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