How do you run from command line (in a script)?

What happened?

I’m trying to export an org file as a pdf:

emacs --batch -e '(org-koma-letter-export-to-pdf)'

What did you expect to happen?

PDF file produced.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Download a template
  2. Try to run the above command on it.
  3. It will fail:
Error: void-function (\(org-koma-letter-export-to-pdf\))
  mapbacktrace(#f(compiled-function (evald func args flags) #<bytecode 0x17bd19aecfae87d2>))
  debug-early(error (void-function \(org-koma-letter-export-to-pdf\)))
  command-line-1(("-e" "(org-koma-letter-export-to-pdf)" ""))
Symbol’s function definition is void: \(org-koma-letter-export-to-pdf\)

System information

Loading data dump...

Found it:

emacs --batch --eval '(org-koma-letter-export-to-pdf)'

I did RTFM like a good scout

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