How do I start? SPC does nothing

I’ve put a little effort over the last few days trying to get started with doom emacs. I am a long time user of evil with gnu emacs.

I installed doom emacs from this page: GitHub - doomemacs/doomemacs: An Emacs framework for the stubborn martian hacker instead of the different instructions that are in the getting started guide. doom doctor says everything looks good.

I’ve read various posts where command start with space. If I type space on the loading screen, nothing happens. So, I thought, I’ll switch to the scratch buffer. There typing space results in the message “end of line”

Can you tell if there is something I need to do to have SPACE recognized as the start of a key sequence?

Loading data dump...

Ok. Space does work if I am editing init.el but not from the splash screen or from the documentation pages.

What determines that? I see people in videos using space from the splash screen.

Ok. It’s solved, weirdly, I think. The github page gives one instruction then tells you go to the getting started guide which gives a different instruction, then after installation is finished a message is printed that indicates files are in .config/doom which they aren’t.

So, I have gnu emacs 29 which I run using --init-directory=$HOME/.emacs.fsf.d

I cloned doom into .emacs.d and let it create .doom.d

Now, the splash screens show key sequences starting with space and space works from the splash screen.

To me, it’s suboptimal that .emacs.d is now files for doom emacs. I’m going to try and figure out some code abort if emacs isn’t doom emacs and the instance is using .emacs.d.

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