How do I override completion-at-point-functions?

I’m trying to use Codeium in Doom Emacs. I want to use Codeium autocompletions together with regular LSP ones, and the codeium.el readme says that the best way to do this is to use cape-capf-super from cape.el.

I tried to use the following configuration:

(use-package! codeium
  (add-hook! 'lsp-mode-hook
    (setq-local completion-at-point-functions
                (list (cape-capf-super #'codeium-completion-at-point #'lsp-completion-at-point)))))

However, if I then look at the value of completion-at-point-functions in an LSP buffer, this custom function is listed second after the regular LSP capf, so it doesn’t get used:

How do I override the capf list and prevent the LSP capf from getting added to it?