How can i disable mouse wheel scrolling?

What happened?

I’m trying to set up my macbook to not scroll when I brush the touchpad, which I do all too often. I don’t want to disable the mouse entirely, but I only want to use it for click selection and point movement. Scrolling with the wheel is bad behavior imo.

What did you expect to happen?

I’ve done a lot of fruitless searching and had no luck. I was able to do this in neovim, but … I want doom emacs.

Steps to reproduce

  1. edit file
  2. scroll with trackpad

My most recent failed config change was to put this in my config.el:

(after! macos
  (mac-mouse-wheel-mode -1))

I’ve found a few long lists of keybinds and setqs on the web, but I don’t know when/where they should be loaded.

System information

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