Hello Discourse

Yay Evil

It’s been a long time coming, but Doom Emacs has a Discourse now! :confetti_ball:

Welcome to our little corner of the tubes. Our Discord server isn’t going anywhere, but it just wasn’t cutting it as our sole platform for user support[1].

What Doom needed was a public knowledge base; a repository for issues, conversations, and guides with real search capabilities—and Discourse checked all the boxes. And with this, I have a proper venue for keeping you informed, coordinating contributors, and receiving feedback.

Where do I start?

Good question, imaginary interrogator! Here are some ideas:

What’s next?

  • Our Discord will become less helpdesk and more hang-out spot.
  • Announcements for our next DoomConf[2].
  • I’ll close ask r/DoomEmacs to determine its own fate.[3]
  • I’ll finish up our new docs and docs.doomemacs.org.
  • hlissner/doom-emacs will move to doomemacs/doomemacs[4]

There is still work to be done around here, so if you spot anything amiss, or something isn’t clear, let me know! Or better yet, share any ideas to improve the Discourse in #meta.

Got it? Great! Now pretend I’ve said some charismatic closing words, then floated away.

  1. I initially choose Discord because my family, friends, and work were on it, and at a time when Doom was only a video game.

    Fast forward three years; our headcount gives me vertigo and folks have asked for every platform under the sun—and not always so kindly—but I heard you! Matrix is in the cards too, but that’s a story for another day… ↩︎

  2. Keep an eye on #doomconf (or #news:events)… ↩︎

  3. Someone created r/doomemacs by accident then handed it over to me. I had no plans to start a Reddit and I have no plans to maintain one. It’d be redundant with Discourse, anyhow. ↩︎

  4. More info in the roadmap. ↩︎


Awesome! And thanks!

I suggest if possible, leaving it non-post-able for other users with a single post redirecting here, as lots of people may not notice the Discourse for now or normally go to Reddit in general as one of the first sources of information.


I would suggest doing nothing about Reddit. Just leave it as a community support forum for people more comfortable with Reddit. Put all the links and a disclaimer about official support in the sidebar and let it be.

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Being the impeccable professional I am, I didn’t realize I’d limited posting to trust level 2 and above (meaning no one could post!). That should be fixed now!

Oops, I could’ve explained that better: this was my plan. I’m reconsidering it for @rassie’s suggestion though.

That seems fair. I’ll pin a post and let the Reddit itself decide its fate.


7 posts were split to a new topic: Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) for Doom Emacs?

I’ve only come across Doom Emacs two days ago, so great timing on your part having setup Discourse ;)

Also: Hello world!


On a side note: due to the trust levels, you cannot connect an app (e.g. on iOS) to this discourse, because it won’t allow you to “access the API” until you got on trust level 1, which is when you can start using those apps.

I’ve reset the minimum TL for API access back to TL0, so this should no longer be the case. I upped it out of concern for spammers, but Discourse does well enough preventing illegitimate uses that my concern was unnecessary.

Side-note: the app isn’t required to use Discourse on mobile. Discourse is a PWA, so it should look and function great on mobile!