Flatpack Emacs install: what to put in line 3 of /bin/doom

What happened?

I’m installing doom on my Steamdeck which uses the flatpack of emacs 29

I get the “can’t find emacs in path” error (its not in my path as the system requires a flatpack install)

I tried changing EMACS= ... in bin/doom to various things including:

  • EMACS="/usr/bin/flatpak run org.gnu.emacs

  • the full path to the emacs executable in the flatpack dir.

Unfortunately, I still get the “path” error when I try to install.

I’m clearly getting something wrong about my system’s flatpack location of emacs

What did you expect to happen?

Installation without error

Steps to reproduce

  1. Get Steamdeck (Arch based machine, semi read only OS)
  2. Install emacs from “Discover store”
  3. Clone repo and try to install

System information

Did you setup an alias for Emacs in your bash?