Fixing Vi paste for us plebs

If you’re like me and not ready to think about your clipboard as a kill-ring, here’s the post for you.

For a long time I have changed visual paste in Vim to not clobber the current register:

vnoremap p "_dp
vnoremap P "_dP

This makes Vim save the deleted text to nothing ("_ is the null register).

It was a little hard to find how to replicate this for DOOM Emacs (granted I am learning):

;; config.el
(setq evil-kill-on-visual-paste nil)

This makes it very easy to paste the same text multiple times or to paste text copied from outside DOOM Emacs.


This bothered me for quite some time, just not enough to look into it myself. Glad I came across your post, now I scratched that itch :smile:

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