Fira Code Symbols not working for `true` and `false`

I’m using Doom Emacs with Emacs 28.1 on Nixos unstable with the packages fira-code and fira-code-symbols installed. In init.el i have (ligatures +fira +extra).

The symbols work in all cases except for true and false where only an empty rectangle is shown.

System information

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Screenshot_20220706_142907 Screenshot_20220706_142926

I can confirm the same behaviour with Iosevka Nerd Font (also installed through nix)

No idea, I don’t use fira

what are the fira-code and fira-code-symbols packages? I have the fira code font installed, and (ligatures +fira +extra) in init.el, and I’m not getting any ligatures at all…

I’ve already answered this

yes, I just meant for the repy to be to the original post and not to your reply :)

Well you didn’t :)

I installed them like this in NixOS:

fonts.fonts = with pkgs; [ fira-code fira-code-symbols ];


fonts.fonts = with pkgs; [ fira-code fira-code-symbols symbola ];

Solved it by setting

(setq doom-unicode-font (font-spec :family "Symbola" :size 22 :weight 'Regular)

In the readme it states that symbola is already the default font for unicode but either it isn’t, or it was overwritten before.