Featurep! for private modules

What happened?

A private modules in ~/.doom.d/modules/private/xyz The module itself works fine, but (featurep! :private xyz) returns nil. I tested for Doom modules in use, and they returned t as expected.

What did you expect to happen?

It should return t, but after recent updates (not sure which one), it didn’t. Let me know if any updated documentation I can read.

I cannot reproduce that behavior. Can you provide more context around this issue? How are you evaluating that featurep! form? Are you calling it at top-level? In a function? In a macro? Is the file byte-compiled?

And are you sure :private xyz is enabled in your doom! block? Or are you loading it directly, some other way?

featurep! was fired from .doom.d/config.el.

Sorry for the confusion. I found nothing wrong with featurep!. It was a silly mistake. What I did was (featurep! :private xyz (some-function)) instead of (when (featurep! :private xyz) (some-function)).

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