Explain or document a "Panic button" if something breaks badly

Sometimes I break my Doom installation after fiddling with doom {compile,build,sync}. Ok, fine, it’s my fault.

But when this happen in a day in which I cannot afford Doom to break (because I have work to do), I don’t have time to parse inscrutable bytecode errors. I just need Doom to work again. Now.

Most of the issues related to cached bytecode seems to disappear when (surprise!) completely deleting any cache. I think doom clean gets close but I if I understand it only deletes the private config cache.

I’d love if there was a doom clean --all option which would run the equivalent of:

find $EMACSDIR/ -name '*.elc' -delete

At least that would expose more clearly if there’s an error in the user configuration, right?

Anything I am missing? Opinions?