Evil still interfering with PDF tools?

What happened?

Evil mode interferes with interactions with PDFs in pdf-view-mode.

Previously got around this by setting the initial state to emacs in my config. I am no longer to change the initial state in pdf-view using any of the following:

(after! pdf-tools
  (set-evil-initial-state! 'pdf-view-mode 'emacs))

(after! pdf-view
  (set-evil-initial-state! 'pdf-view-mode 'emacs))

(after! evil-collection-pdf
  (set-evil-initial-state! 'pdf-view-mode 'emacs))

What did you expect to happen?

  1. Evil should not interfere with PDF text selection
  2. Setting the initial state as above should change work

Steps to reproduce

  1. set (after! pdf-tools (set-evil-initial-state! 'pdf-view-mode 'emacs))
  2. open pdf
  3. evil is initial state.

System information

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