Eshell eshell-did-you-mean not working

What happened?

eshell-did-you-mean doesn’t seem to work. Any invalid command just returns Wrong type argument: sequencep, 771

I only noticed something odd was happening because I was getting an error when I reloaded my config with space h r r, but only if I had previously opened eshell with space o e.

Running emacs with --debug-init traced the error to the eshell-did-you-mean--edit-distance being passed 771 as s2

If I comment the eshell-did-you-mean section out of the eshell config.el, I no longer get an error on reloading my config.

What did you expect to happen?

For instance I expected entering catt into eshell would return did you mean cat

Steps to reproduce

  1. open doom
  2. open eshell with space o e
  3. type catt and hit enter

System information

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