Error when loading `eglot-java`

What happened?

I’m trying to load eglot-java package but failed with couple issue

What did you expect to happen?

Load successfully.

Steps to reproduce


(package! eglot-java)

my config.el: Tried with

(use-package! eglot-java
  :hook (java-mode . eglot-java-mode)

When opening a java file, failed with

 Installing Eclipse JDT LSP server, please wait...
  to /home/zhot/.config/emacs/.local/cache/share/
 Contacting host:
 Wrote /home/zhot/.config/emacs/.local/cache/share/
 Extracting Eclipse JDT LSP archive, please wait...
 File mode specification error: (void-function tar-untar-buffer)

Another try with (I don’t think requires are needed…)

(use-package! eglot-java
  (require 'tar-mode)
  (require 'xml)
  :hook (java-mode . eglot-java-mode)

Failed with File mode specification error: (cl-assertion-failed (not enable-multibyte-characters))

System information

Loading data dump...