Error on syncing -- wrong type argument (string p afternoon-theme)

What happened?

{{{When I ran doom sync, I got this error message.}}}

I expected doom sync to rebuild emacs. I removed doom entirely and tried to reinstall from scrath. But I got the same message when I reinstalled as well.

{{{It should have built doom emacs as before.}}}

Steps to reproduce

simply try to reinstall doom.

System information

Loading data dump...

Please follow that thread

A quick fix is to navigate to ~/.emacs.d/.local/repos/straight.el/ and do git pull origin develop

I found this on the github issues

I’m so glad you posted about this here! I’ve been trying to figure this out for hours! I’m still learning and I’m starting to realize there is a lot more to learn. The fact that the error seemed to be regarding a theme really messed me up. This was my last stop before I gave up.

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one thing to note is that every time you doom sync or upgrade you’ll have to git pull again. you could go into “.doom.d/packages.el” (press f p) and unpin straight.el with (unpin! straight) I believe.

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Hello, I’m facing the same issue and not able to sync and update my doom emacs I’m using Mac and the I went to the repo of straight directory and performed git pull but it still did not fix the issue

Still not able to perform sync on my doom

– Update from future :relaxed: I went to the folder mentioned and managed to to do the git pull command and it is working now Thanks a lot

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