Enabling `doom-one-brighter-comments` for prog-mode derived buffers only

I’d like to enable doom-one-brighter-comments for prog-mode derived buffers only. The highlighting styles for comments seem to be reused throughout various buffer types, like agendas, doom dashboard, etc. In these contexts, the highlighted comments look quite out of place. Is there any way to do this? I’m not very familiar with the themes APIs.

Example weirdness in doom dashboard

I bet you could accomplish this by using a hook on prog-mode to set that variable buffer-locally:

(add-hook! prog-mode
  (setq-local doom-one-brighter-comments t))

Does that do what you’re looking for?

No, the variable only takes effect after the theme is (re)loaded.

Ah, rats, I’m not sure then. Might have time to check when next I’m at my desk

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Unsure if there’s an easier solution, but I’ve solved this by creating a new face and adding a hook on prog mode to activate that face for comments. WIP solution here, may try to PR at some point: wip doom prog comments · ethan-leba/doom-themes@8d78aa0 · GitHub


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