Emacsclient only working halfway, but normal Emacs is fine

What happened?

When I launch emacs with /usr/bin/emacs everything is fine. But when I launch /usr/bin/emacs --daemon and then emacsclient it seems like emacs isn’t loading everything or so. I don’t have evil keybindings and find-file only results is ‘accessing an empty ring’ in the minibuffer for example.

What did you expect to happen?

Emacs starts up and works as Emacsclient just as normal Emacs does.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Start emacs as a daemon using /usr/bin/emacs --daemon &
  2. Start emacsclient as a client to the daemon, using emacsclient -c

System information

In the case of a emacsclient even M-x wont work. So for this dump I started emacs using /usr/bin/emacs.

Loading data dump...

I bisected my config.el and apparently copilot is causing this.

When I remove this from my config it works again:

(use-package! copilot
 :hook (prog-mode . copilot-mode)
 :bind* (("C-<backtab>" . 'copilot-accept-completion-by-word)
         :map copilot-completion-map
         ("<backtab>" . 'copilot-accept-completion))
 ;; Upon entering copilot mode, disable smartparens-mode as it is incompatible
 (add-hook 'copilot-mode-hook #'turn-off-smartparens-mode)
 ;; Only enable copilot in insert mode and immediately after entering insert mode
 (setq copilot-enable-predicates '(evil-insert-state-p)))

Ok, this happens when a new emacs was installed that does not have copilot executeable is installed yet. Starting emacs normally once and then running M-x copilot-install-server did the trick for me.

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