Emacs keeping running async compilation

What happened?

When I open Emacs, at some point soon after a new process is spawned which seems to be asynchronously compiling something to do with lsp:

/usr/local/bin/emacs --no-comp-spawn -Q --batch --eval (setq w32-disable-abort-dialog t) -l /tmp/emacs-async-comp-lsp-protocol-720UGX.el

This slows down my Emacs session.

I’ve seen other asynchronous compilations happening in the background, but they finish and don’t happen again.

What did you expect to happen?

The compilation should finish and not keep reoccurring. Is this a bug? How can I stop this async compilation?

System information

I built Emacs 29.1 from source with the following flags: $ ./configure --with-native-compilation=aot --with-json. I have this in my config.el: (setq package-native-compile t).

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