Doom is not loading my profiles

What happened?

Doom does not load my profiles. This post describes a minimal profile for the sake of simplicity, but none of my more complex profiles get loaded either.

When I run emacs --profile sandbox, the (message) call is not evaluated.

What did you expect to happen?

Doom should load any of the defined profiles.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Create a ~/.config/emacs-sandbox/init.el file containing only (message "This is my sample Emacs profile.").
  2. Create a ~/.config/doom/profiles.el file which contains:
 (user-emacs-directory . "~/.config/emacs-sandbox/")))
  1. Run doom sync && doom profiles sync.
  2. Run emacs --profile sandbox.
  3. "This is my sample Emacs profile." does not appear in the *Messages* buffer.

Output of emacs --profile sandbox --debug-init:

Loading /home/ev/.config/emacs/profiles/load.28.elc...
Loading /home/ev/.config/emacs/profiles/load.28.elc...done

Contents of ~/.config/emacs/profiles/load.el:

;; -*- lexical-binding: t; tab-width: 8; -*-
;; Updated: 2022-10-02 15:18:42
;; Generated by 'doom profiles sync' or 'doom sync'.
     (getenv-internal "DOOMPROFILE"))
   (let nil
     (setq user-emacs-directory '"~/.config/emacs-sandbox/")))
   (let nil
     (setq user-emacs-directory
           (expand-file-name "safe-mode/"
                             (expand-file-name "~/.config/emacs/profiles" user-emacs-directory))))))

System information

Loading data dump...


As of the following commit this should be fixed.

This now works perfectly. Thanks a lot @hlissner, you’re a star!

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