Doom Emacs roadmap update

hello everyone and @hlissner

I am using Doom since 2 years and it changed the way I use Emacs :slightly_smiling_face:

I’d like to try bumping up the topic of the future of Doom Emacs. I think this roadmap might be a bit outdated and I don’t know in which open place (i.e. not Discord) I can get some context.

Some points:

  • Doom development currently AFAICS looks like a kind of continuous stream of commits but without fixed points in time (f.e. git tags where things are meant to be a bit more stable/tested). Any plans for a release cycle a bit more structured?
  • Some refactors were planned (like the new CLI). How far have they progressed?
  • Documentation / communication channels: plans for any migration, updates newsletter and so on?

To be clear I am really grateful for Doom Emacs and I am aware that it is mostly a one-man-band show and that the above points are a lot of work, so I am not pushing for anything on the maintainer :slight_smile:

thanks for any thought/opinion