Does the elpaca help installation(+upgrade) time and startup time?

Currently, the startup-time of doom-emacs takes 1.9~4 seconds on my high spec devices (M2 max MBP and 12gen i9 GRAM). I optimized my emacs.d and I think the startup time is quite similar to the default configuration of doom. I made all things in my config to lazy-loadable (use :defer). However, I couldn’t make lazy-able the default modules(e.g. fly-check config) of doom. And, I saw the blazingly fast Emacs setup (estimated 0.6s):

Could the elpaca make reduce (optimized) startup time?

And I usually use the low-power devices (e.g. MBP2013late) for writing on my place. Startup-time is similar, but installation and upgrades are really painful. Sometimes, it takes 2+ hours. The byte-compilling seems to be a bottleneck (I don’t use native-comp in these devices because of it). So, I feel I need another customized Emacs configuration or Neovim setting for these machines. Neovim is interesting. But, the key bindings and workflow are so different. It made me confused and cognitive-load.