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Some pull requests will be immediately refused due to project policy or some external (usually temporary) blocker. I’ve listed these below, grouped by sub-project.

This post is linked to from our pull request templates and our old, albeit incomplete docs, and are kept here (instead of our in-repo docs) because they are expected to change often and, sometimes, unexpectedly.

All projects

  • Any change to our LICENSEs (2022-02-16T23:00:00Z) — Important changes like these should be discussed beforehand and ultimately enacted by me, not anyone else.

  • Fewer than three trivial spelling or grammar corrections per pull request (2022-03-18T23:00:00Z) — Every PR—however trivial—costs time to process. This cost is not justified on trivial PRs like these, so I discourage them, unless either:

    • The mistake causes confusion (e.g. an ambiguous misspelling of a package, function, or shell command),
    • The original passage is undecipherable,
    • Or there are more than three separate corrections in your PR.

    I suggest leaving a Github comment on the responsible commit or letting us know on Discord, instead.


  • Changes to docs/* or modules/*/*/ on our master branch. Target our rewrite-docs branch instead. Our documentation is undergoing a hefty redesign there.

  • Feature-gating keybinds in :config default (2019-04-07T22:00:00Z) — That is to say, I won’t accept PRs that wrap keybinds in (:when (featurep! ...) ...) checks. I explain why in #1312#issuecomment-480650364.

  • Bumping any of the following packages:

    • :editor format

      • emacs-format-all-the-code (2020-12-31T23:00:00Z) — Its module is pending a rewrite—where this package will be replaced—and later commits of this package have introduced breaking changes.
    • :lang org

      • gnuplot (2022-02-02T23:00:00Z) — The latest commit of gnuplot throws a recursive require error when lazy-loaded (see #6080).

      • org-mode (2022-05-06T22:00:00Z) — Org changed how it renders its folds (with text properties, instead of overlays). This is a breaking change. Do not bump this package until the org ecosystem has had enough time to adapt (or we’ve monkey-patched them locally).


This project does not exist yet.


There is nothing in this project’s do-not-PR list at this time.


There is nothing in this project’s do-not-PR list at this time.

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