Do not PR

:warning: Our DNP list has been moved to Github.

  • Reformatted list into tables and footnotes.
  • Added modules/**/* to doomemacs/doomemacs DNP list.
  • Moved module DNPs from doomemacs/doomemacs to doomemacs/modules.
  • Added DNP list for doomemacs/contrib-modules project.
  • Closed this thread so I can use its reply section for these changelogs.
  • Added to doomemacs/doomemacs DNP list, because it will be rewritten for 3.0.

Though modules/**/* was already in our DNP list, I allowed module PRs through December-March while I was busy moving to Canada. Iā€™m caught up now, so the DNP is back in effect. TL;DR: Please do not PR changes to our modules until I finished moving modules to their own repo.

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