Dirvish extensions are not available

What happened?

Most of the extensions of dirvish are not usable. For example when it start dirvish and try M-x dirvish-narrow it can not find that command.

I am using dirvish via Doom. So I installed it using

(dired +icons +dirvish)

in init.el. I also did a

(unpin! dirvish)

in packages.el, because it says in the dirvish github, that you should be on the latest version when reporting problems. But it is the same even when not unpinned.

When I put a

(require dirvish-narrow)

in the config it says it can not find the file.

What did you expect to happen?

Dirvish extensions are useable

Steps to reproduce

  1. install dirvish via Doom’s init.el
  2. open dirvish
  3. try M-x dirvish-narrow

System information

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