Dired keybind reference sheet

This is a reference sheet for our favorite dired commands and keybinds. Here some other prominent cheat sheets:

:pushpin: If the vanilla key is omitted, it’s because it’s the same as the evil key.

Entering dired

Evil Key Vanilla Key Description
SPCfd C-cfd Open directory in dired (prompts you)
SPCo- C-co- Open current directory in dired
SPCp. + RET C-cpD Open project root in dired

Leaving dired

Key Description
q Kill all dired buffers

File IO

Evil Key Vanilla Key Description
D Delete the file at point
R Rename the file at point
C Copy the file at point
+ Create a directory
SPC. C-xC-f Create a new file
= Diff files
Z Compress a file/directory

File listing

Evil Key Vanilla Key Description
gr g Refresh the dired buffer
) dired-git-info-mode
SPCmh C-clh Toggle hidden files


Evil Key Vanilla Key Description
RET Visit the file/directory
gO o Visit file/directory in other window
- ^ Go up one directory

Marking files

Key Description
m Mark files
%m Mark files by regexp
! Run shell command on marked files
d Mark file(s) for deletion
x Delete marked files
u Unmark a file/directory
U Unmark all marked files/directories

Renaming files/directories in bulk

  1. C-cC-e to activate wgrep (a writable grep buffer).
  2. Make your modifications (or deletions) to the file paths like you’re editing plain text.
  3. Commit your changes with C-cC-c or abort with C-cC-k