Dired buffers no longer auto-close

What happened?

At some point doom started to always kill dired buffers in case of RET opening files. Now those dired buffers persist and make it annoying when switching buffers when (evil-switch-to-windows-last-buffer) , I confirmed with fresh doom installation

What did you expect to happen?

[REQUEST] Make dired reuse buffers by default · Issue #1937 · doomemacs/doomemacs · GitHub shouldve addressed it

Steps to reproduce

  1. Install doom
  2. Open dired and open a few files with RET
  3. (evil-switch-to-windows-last-buffer) sends you back to dired

System information

(Stock doom has the same behavior, so I wont post the stock dump)

Loading data dump...
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I have the same problem. I actually didn’t know it was not expected behavior but it makes a lot of sens. In the meantime, is there a way to kill buffers quickly? When I do spce b b I get all opened buffers but I haven’t found a way to kill them from there which would be great.

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