Customizing buffers for Solaire Mode

If you want some buffers to not use solaire mode (for example the dashboard) you can redefine the real buffer check function to exclude certain buffers.

Now the dashboard will use the main theme colors.

;; config.el
(defun solaire-mode-real-buffer-custom-p ()
  "Return t if the current buffer is the dashboard or scratch, or is a real (file-visiting) buffer."
  (cond ((string= (buffer-name (buffer-base-buffer)) "*doom*") t)
        ((string= (buffer-name (buffer-base-buffer)) "*scratch*") t)
        ((buffer-file-name (buffer-base-buffer)) t)
        (t nil)))

(after! solaire-mode
  (setq solaire-mode-real-buffer-fn #'solaire-mode-real-buffer-custom-p))
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