Customize tag name regexp in web-mode

What happened?

Hello! This is not particular Doom Emacs problem, although I use Doom! I am looking for some seasoned emacs users to point me how to customize quite a complex mode: web-mode.

I am using web-mode to edit Elixir HEEX files, which allow a special syntax for “component tags”, where tag name starts with a dot “.”:

Right now they are not recognized as tags, so all kinds of things are messed up: indent, tag-auto-closing, and so on.

I was trying to find customization options to change how the tag is detected:

  1. My first bet was to customize these two variables and allow a dot and letter as first tag letter ([.[:alpha]]):

In my ~/.doom.d/config.el:

 (setq web-mode-start-tag-regexp "<\\([.[:alpha:]][[:alnum:].:_-]*\\|>\\)")
 (setq web-mode-tag-regexp "</?\\([.[:alpha:]][[:alnum:].:_-]*\\)")

I also tried to wrap it in (after! web-mode ... ) or (after! web ... ).

And this did not work at all.

  1. I tried to use web-mode-engine-* variables which already define Elixir’s <%= ... %> pair as a block, so I’ve added <. ... > in a similar way, but that did not work either, and I also suspect that this kind of block might not be treated the same as a HTML tag.

What did you expect to happen?

I’d love the <.link> and other tags behave like normal html tags!

Steps to reproduce

Create a test.html.heex file and type in the content:

 <p>Would be great to open <.link to={/}>this tag and auto close it</

the last </ will close the </p> tag, not </.link> one.

System information

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