Custom popup rules not working

What happened?

I have few popup-rules customized in my config:

     :slot 20 :side right :size 0.5 :select t :quit t)
    ("^\\*Org Src"
     :slot 20 :side right :size 0.5 :select t)
     :slot 20 :side right :size 0.5 :select t :quit t)))

However, after doom sync and emacs restart, these rules don’t work. If I evaluate the expression above, they work. If I add (doom/reload) in the config somewhere below the block, they work, but otherwise, they don’t seem to evaluate on their own.

What did you expect to happen?

Above popup rules should take effect after doom sync and emacs restart.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Add above rules to config
  2. doom sync
  3. restart emacs
  4. open any org file with org-babel src block
  5. Move cursor inside src block
  6. (org-edit-special) OR its keybinding (C-c ' in native Emacs bindings).
  7. *Org src* buffer should be opened in 50% horizontal split on right, but instead opens from below, in vertical split.

System information

Loading data dump...

As of today with latest doom, the popups seem to be working properly without reloading. I’m not sure what changed, but issue is no longer there.

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