Csharp +lsp (and Windows)

I recently tried to get the csharp lsp working on Windows but ran into issues. After using the automatically installed omnisharp-roslyn, I was getting an error:

System.MissingMethodException: Method not found: 'System.ReadOnlySpan...

I’m guessing that the automatically installed omnisharp-roslyn is too old, or it’s something with running Emacs on Windows.

I got this working by downloading the latest build omnisharp-win-x64-net6.0.zip (releases (github.com)) and placing the files in the DOOM Emacs automatic install directory (~/.emacs.d/.local/etc/lsp/omnisharp-roslyn/latest/omnisharp-roslyn/), of course after removing the automatically installed folder.

There’s probably a better way to configure this but I couldn’t get (setq lsp-csharp-server-path "...") to work. Any guidance here would be greatly appreciated.

Anyway, enjoy!

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