Create a new workspace without projectiling into current project

What happened?

I’m in project A $HOME/code/A and I want to open a file in homedir $HOME/.profile in a separate tab. When I press SPC TAB n SPC . the search starts at $HOME/code/A like projectile still has project A loaded even though it’s a new tab.

What did you expect to happen?

Upon creation of a new tab SPC . should work relative to $HOME just as it does when Doom Emacs is launched. It’s not only about SPC . but all other packages e.g. treemacs or eshell should understand that no project has been loaded in a new tab.

Sometimes there’s no need for projects at all like when I want to open eshell in a new tab and ssh to a device, so there’s no point in projectiling into previous project.

Steps to reproduce

  1. SPC p p, choose any project
  2. SPC TAB n SPC . you will be searching relative to the project in step 1

System information

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Dirty, untested suggestion: you could advise +workspace-new to set default-directory to "~/" after running!

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