Converting windows paths to linux

At a risk of posting in the wrong place, it would be good to hear your thoughts on handling links that point to Windows paths and need converting to equivalent mounts in linux (e.g. \\SERVER\folder-d → /mnt/d, or D: → /mnt/d)

I’m currently using a bash script that modifies paths with windows drives with sed x11 clipboard:

#!/usr/bin/env sh

xclip -o | sed -e 's_\\_/_g' -e 's_[A-Z]:_/mnt/\L&_g' -e 's_:__g' | xclip -selection clipboard

Has someone perhaps worked already on some minor mode that maybe hooks whenever xdg-open is about to act on a link and checks if it’s not a ‘UNC’/Windows-like path and converts it?

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