Citar-org-roam for biblio module?

I need input from folks who may have previously argued for inclusion of org-roam-bibtex in the biblio module. Since those conversations began, a lot has changed in the emacs bibliographic landscape, and in org.


Should we include citar-org-roam instead?

  • yes, add it now!
  • add it, but only once it includes user-defined capture templates
  • don’t add it

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  • Originally designed to integrate org-ref and bibtex-completion (and still depends on this).
  • Also now supports org-cite.
  • Allows user-defined capture templates.
  • Current total LOC ~3000.


  • Designed in conjunction with citar to provide an ideal note API (the new API allows deeper integration not possible before).
  • Only supports native org-cite citations, and citar only depends on parsebib directly.
  • Does not yet support user-defined capture templates, but we plan to add it, so long as we keep code complexity down.
  • There are other related note packages that support the new citar note API, including denote-citar (though this still needs work) and zk.
  • Available now on MELPA.
  • Current total LOC ~150.

Note: these are not truly mutually-exclusive options. You can configure COR to use ORB for creating new notes, for example.

If we add it, we could do now, or wait until we have the template support.

If we do add it, should it be default with the +roam flag?


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So far no objections to adding it, and all but one says do it now.

I have a commit to add this here if anyone wants to test it, which would be a good idea before I open the PR.

I’m also waiting to maybe include an update to parsebib once it’s merged.

Note that I haven’t included any flag for this, since a user can still modify behavior via a defcustom.

As always, thank you very much for your work. It is being very helpful for my workflow, so the bare minimum that I can do is to thank you publicly.

Having said that, I would have no problem in testing your commit, but my technical knowledge is limited, so I would appreciate if you could let me know how to test it. I see your commit, so, would I need to modify manually my local packages.el to look like the one on the commit and change my config.el as well? Is there any specific functionality to test?

I am sorry for not being able to offer anything more than my willingness to help.

Don’t worry about it at all.

The only real thing to test is just that opening notes works as expected.

But I’m not too worried about it actually.