Can't upgrade if the emacs.d is pointing out to a doom's fork

What happened?

I tried to upgrade doom with sh ~/.emacs.d/bin/doom -y upgrade -f when my .emacs.d is pointing out to a branch of my own fork

The upgrading process halts and showed this message

- Confirmations auto-accept enabled
  > Preparing to upgrade Doom Emacs and its packages...
  x There was an unexpected error
    Message: error
    Error: (error "Failed to fetch from upstream")
      (error "Failed to fetch from upstream")
      (or (= 0 (car (setq result (doom-call-process "git" "fetch" "--force" "--t...
      (let (result) (or (= 0 (car (doom-call-process "git" "remote" "add" doom-r...
      (unwind-protect (let (result) (or (= 0 (car (doom-call-process "git" "remo...
      (let* ((branch (replace-regexp-in-string "^\\(?:[^/]+/[^/]+/\\)?\\(.+\\)\\...
      (let ((default-directory doom-emacs-dir) process-file-side-effects) (doom-...
      (doom-cli-upgrade "-y" "-f")
      (cond (packages-only-p (doom-cli-execute "sync" "-u") (doom--print (doom--...
      (let ((doom-auto-discard force-p)) (cond (packages-only-p (doom-cli-execut...
      (let ((force-p (cdr (assq 'force-p --alist--))) (packages-only-p (cdr (ass...
  ! Extended backtrace logged to .local/doom.error.log

The full log is

What did you expect to happen?

Just a clean upgrading as usual.

Steps to reproduce

  1. In a terminal, type sh ~/.emacs.d/bin/doom -y upgrade -f

System information

Loading data dump...

You need to update it manually. you can run doom sync -u to update the packages, and you have to point the git commit of .emacs.d to wherever you want using git operations (presumably git pull in your case)

Thanks Monad.

Yes this is exactly my workflow right now, rebase against master and doom sync - u. I’m just wonder why does doom upgradedon’t work on those cases.

I mean, the folder structure is exactly the same and my fork only differs by some commits with respect to master. Also upgrading all the packages could be easier.

Just saying, because currently everything works fine, but with a couple of extra steps.


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