Can't install github package (htmlz-mode)

What happened?

adding an htmlz-mode github package doesn’t work:

(package! htmlz-mode
  :recipe (:host github :repo "0xekez/htmlz-mode"
           :files "htmlz.el"))

running doom sync reports successfully installed package:

 > Building htmlz-mode...
    ✓ Installed 1 packages

the package definitely works on its own - you can download that one htmlz.el, eval it and it correctly shows up in web major mode :frowning:


What did you expect to happen?

htmlz-mode should be available in “web” major mode

Steps to reproduce

  1. add above snippet to package.el
  2. doom sync
  3. cry a lot not knowing what to do when it doesn’t work

System information

Loading data dump...

The package is missing an autoload, as you figured out based on Can't edit packages, doom removes .git history. · Issue #7414 · doomemacs/doomemacs · GitHub. Sorry we missed this!

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