Can't install github package (htmlz-mode)

What happened?

adding an htmlz-mode github package doesn’t work:

(package! htmlz-mode
  :recipe (:host github :repo "0xekez/htmlz-mode"
           :files "htmlz.el"))

running doom sync reports successfully installed package:

 > Building htmlz-mode...
    ✓ Installed 1 packages

the package definitely works on its own - you can download that one htmlz.el, eval it and it correctly shows up in web major mode :frowning:


What did you expect to happen?

htmlz-mode should be available in “web” major mode

Steps to reproduce

  1. add above snippet to package.el
  2. doom sync
  3. cry a lot not knowing what to do when it doesn’t work

System information

Loading data dump...